Ceramic Composites - New Opportunities

The need for advancing ceramic technology

The on-going advancement of high-temperature engines and industrial processes has strained the abilities of conventional materials. Stronger and longer-lasting materials must be found, not only for the end-products, but also for the tools used in the manufacturing processes.

CRYSTALOY(CxA) ceramic composites are ‘whisker reinforced’ for superior strength, durability and resistance to high-temperature stresses.


Conform Extrusion Dies
Cutting Tools
PVC Extrusion Dies
Compacting Dies
Band Saw Guides
Induction Heating Hardware
Wear Parts
EDM Wire Guides
Welding Wire Tips
Thin Film Deposition Tooling
Slider Trays
Recording Head FAB Tools
Bonding Nest Coupons


Medical Field
Automotive Field
Sport/Leisure Field
Precision Machinery Field

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Hot Pressed Flat Stock/Cylinders
Laser Sliced Shapes to 0.350 in. thickness
EDM’able shapes at tool steel speeds

* Machinable to 0.005" sheet
* Complex shapes with precise detail
* No edge chipping
* High-speed EDM machining provides final finish to 4-6 micro-inches.
* Conventional slicing, grinding and polishing to 0.5 micro-inch surface finish. (0.01 micro-meters)

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            Finished Parts to Print
            Semi-Finished Blanks
            Billet/Plate Stock




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