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Industrial Ceramic Technology, Inc. (ICT) is a developer and manufacturer of ceramic composites for industrial applications. ICT has special expertise in the area of ceramic whisker reinforced ceramics for heat, corrosion, wear and metal or non-metal removal operations. These new ceramic composites offer, now, the mechanical and physical properties unavailable in the past and provide the user with new opportunities to solve past material problems.

fig3.gif (39433 bytes)Of high interest is a new patented silicon carbide whisker reinforced ceramic composite which is electrically conductive allowing for complex shape manufacturing using EDM (electrical-discharge machining) processes. This manufacturing capability is of high importance in producing complex shape ceramic dies to extrude various metals such as copper, brass and aluminum.

Complementing this flexibility is the current use of both laser cutting and EDM technology to produce complex shapes in a cost effective manner. Many applications do not require ceramic composite parts to be completely machined by expensive diamond grinding methods. Lower machining costs, which ultimately lower cost to the user, translates into higher user interest leading to new market opportunities.

ICT commands a unique position in the industry having developed manufacturing processes for ceramic whisker reinforced ceramic composite raw materials as well as manufacturing complex shaped finished components.

Ceramic Composites: New Opportunities

NIH Awards SBIR Phase I Grant to ICT     

                                        *Phase I Results are in

Mechanical/Physical Properties of ICT materials

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